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Roofing Contractor

Jack Petty Roofing contractor of Meridian, Idaho has been serving the Treasure Valley since 1959. Jack and Evelyn Petty founded the business and continue to own it today. Their son, Loren Petty, is the General Manager who runs the day to day operations and performs much of the installation and repair work himself. We specialize in residential re-roofs and light commercial roofing. We perform all manner of roof repairs. We install composition shingles, wood roofs, metal roofs, and low slope roll roofing. We are licensed by the State of Idaho (RCE-1717) and are fully insured. Our customers have kept us in business for over fifty years now and we realize that the key to longevity is quality workmanship and fair pricing. We offer free estimates in the Treasure Valley area.

We Recommend

For your residential re-roofing needs we recommend a combination of architectural shingles and low slope roll roofing. The old-fashioned three tab shingles are still available, if you prefer the historic look, but today's laminated architectural shingles are more attractive, more durable, and less expensive than all but the very cheapest three tab shingles. Under products we have listed some preferred brands of shingles and low slope materials. There are some manufacturers, who I won't mention here, who's products just are not as durable and reliable as our favorites. In fact, there are brands I would recommend against purchasing. Currently, we are not enrolled in any manufacturer's contractor certification program because after five decades in business we don't believe we need to pay a fee to a manufacturer to be declared masters of the trade. We like to purchase the most reliable product no matter who manufactures it, and if a product is downgraded or cheapened to the point of unreliability we will switch to a better brand. We know that our reputation depends upon the reliability of our roofs, and that means we use the best materials, not the cheapest ones.

Why A Contractor's License is Important?

Today's down economy has spawned numerous individuals who are selling themselves as roofing contractors when in fact they have no license, no workman's compensation policy, and no business liability insurance. These illegal operators can under bid legitimate contractors by 40 to 60 percent and still make good money because they have no overhead costs and all the profit is cash money to them. Any time you hire a contractor you should ask for their Idaho Contractor's License number. You can then go to the state's web site and verify that they do in fact have a license. Getting a contractor's license in Idaho is in no way an onerous endeavor. The fee is only $35, but you must submit proof that you have business liability insurance and workmen's compensation insurance. When you hire a licensed contractor you know that you are protected should a worker become injured on your property or if your property suffers unforeseen damage during construction.

From Our Family To Your Family

We are literally a Mom and Pop operation. We are not a huge company, but we have been quietly serving families throughout Southern Idaho for my entire lifetime. We appreciate the opportunity to serve your family with the installation of a reliable long lasting roof that will protect your home, and the people in it, for decades to come.

Loren Petty